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Kensu – Data Activity Manager – DAM

Kensu’s Data Activity Manager or DAM is the first solution to integrate data science and artificial intelligence to monitor, identify, verify, and provide real-time insight into how sensitive data in organizations is being managed. Single pane of glass observation and comprehensive reporting solves the previously manual process of identifying, tracking, and updating of the thousands or millions of records across its various systems, tools and data repositories.

GDPR Solution

Ensure GDPR compliance by monitoring cross-boundaries processing, right to be forgotten, review process registry, data flows and data access in a one-stop panel designed to have a complete overview of compliance requirements.

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All Data Activities in One Glance

Automate. Optimze. Govern

– Understand and explain data activites
– View impact of data activities on the business
– Track performance, support business decisions
– Get information to detect, and solve issues