Data Protection Officer Demo Request

Data Protection Officer Demo Request


How Data Activity Manager Helps Data Protection Officers Meet Compliance and Security Requirements


Data Protection Officers are tasked with the unenviable responsibility of managing, monitoring, and security the personal data and information of customers in an environment with ever increasing requirements. Data governance solutions have unfortunately fallen short of automating many of the time-consuming tasks demanded by GDPR and other compliance legislation including Colorado’s H.B. 18-1128 and California’s AB 375. Data Activity Manager solves the automation issue by using data science to manage and monitor critical data across systems and geographies.


The Benefits of Data Activity Manager for Data Protection Officers

  • Automatically discovers and records governance, compliance and performance information
  • One-stop control center for all potential data privacy violations
  • One-click reports for all relevant governance and compliance reports

The Real Value

  • End-to-end control and insights into all relevant aspects of analytics
  • Notifications and actionable intelligence to ensure “compliance health”
  • Guarantee of good relationship with authorities in charge by respecting compliance templates