Data Science Team Demo Request

Data Science Teams Demo Request

How Data Activity Manager Helps Data Scientists Collect Insights into Disparate Data Across Systems and Technologies Using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The goal of a data scientist is transform data into knowledge, however as organizations have collected immense amounts of often random data the challenge has been daunting. Big data, business intelligence, advanced analytics and other technologies geared to standardize and provide robust solutions for data scientists have delivered patchy results. Data Activity Manager leverages leading edge machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to modernize the analytics solution. Data Activity Manager allows data scientists to pull data into a single hub with a scalable, real-time, automated solution geared to allow them to derive insights more quickly and accurately.

The Benefits of Data Activity Manager for Data Protection Officers:

    • Keep track of your experiments and monitor each improvement
    • Monitor your data project in real time when deployed in production and be notified automatically when quality or accuracy drops
    • Use the DAM exploration tool to analyze data quality across all transformations and systems to get insight about possible causes and impacts
    • Use the adequate DAM collector and keep using your preferred data science tool, library, language for your work

The Real Value

    • Handle projects easily and more manageably
    • Add controls to maintain data integrity and accuracy
    • Gain insights into how data is touched or changed within your organization
    • Use a single technology handle a large range of technologies