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What is Data Activity Manager (DAM)?

Data Activity Manager or DAM was created to replace the manual, time consuming task of data governance by identifying, managing, and controlling access to sensitive data by leveraging artificial intelligence to automate the process.


Provides a real-time visual understanding of sensitive data movement & changes.

Artificial Intelligence

Automate data
governance activities through AI.


Leverage data
science to efficiently meet compliance requirements.


Improve IT security and protect sensitive data.

What Does DAM Do?

Data Activity Manager automatically connects, collects and learns from all data science relevant activities especially data governance. The software provides visuals including intelligent dashboards, time-machine snapshots and comprehensive reporting of how sensitive data is managed and accessed in the organization.

Data Activity Manager is a comprehensive software solution for data protection officers, those leading compliance initiatives, and managers handling data governance issues including creating data maps, controlling access to sensitive data and understanding how data is used in the organization.


Data Activity Manager is becoming a critical tool to automate the manual process of data governance infrastructure for compliance and other legislation and regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS that require organizations to protect sensitive data or pay the consequences of fines or other penalties.

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Benefits of Data Activity Manager

Data Activity Manager leverages data science and artificial intelligence to automate data governance and deliver benefits to the customer including:

  • High-level oversight of sensitive data location and movement
  • Real-time reporting to handle data governance tasks
  • Automated alerts aligned with compliance requirements
  • Enhance security to protect customers and their sensitive data

How DAM Optimizes Data Governance

Most organizations handle data governance manually by identifying sensitive data, the systems housing the data, and the employees in the organization that have access to the data. In large organizations sensitive data collected on customers is often on a variety of systems and accessible by a large number of employees.

Data governance is becoming unwieldy as the collection of data and the use of that data grows on one end of the spectrum and compliance requirements like those found in new legislation like GDPR demand strict management of data governance or severe consequences on the other.

Data Activity Manager or DAM automates the identification, location and management of sensitive data by leveraging artificial intelligence to provide oversight of data governance. In the same way that security systems protect a physical structure; that is using more robust security for sensitive targets as well as monitoring and alerts to uncover risks; Data Activity Manager protects sensitive data.

Use Cases

Production System

Ad Hoc System

Learning More About Data Activity Manager

DAM is the next generation of data governance management. Artificial intelligence drives Data Activity Manager software to replace the arduous task of identifying, managing, controlling and protecting sensitive data in your organization.

As compliance requirements like those in GDPR which demand that organizations either respect a customer’s “right to be forgotten” by deleting their data across the organization or face penalties that could cripple the organization financially, data governance will become mission critical in most companies